What a long strange trip it’s been! – Upcoming End-of-year VVVc BLOWOUT!

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After three months of re-evaluating my free time, I have decided that after this year’s end, I will not be doing a weekly VVV challenge anymore. Participation has generally been scarce, and I apologize to the one or two of you who still play and others who have followed along. Perhaps I will still post an unscheduled hunt once in a while, and I plan to continue this blog, but possibly in a fresh direction or two.

I’d like to say a special thank-you to Jesper Sandberg, who has been following this blog since it began and dominated the scoreboard the first two years. Also thank you Jonet “Zola” Greene for playing as well as running two guest-quests for me. Thanks also to Leslie Gompf for being one of my early Search-Partiers and for generously providing me with a copy of Encyclopedia Of Volcanoes, my most valued resource. Thanks too to Granyia for not only joining us late in the 2nd year but for inspiring me to create my interactive volcano monitoring map, and finally thanks to Aficientifico for hanging in there with me these past few months.

So…where do I go from here?

One of my main projects will be the Volcanic Planet map, which is proving to need a lot of attention on an almost daily basis. It is still incomplete, and other parts need to be checked and updated.  Eventually I plan to integrate that site with this blog more fully and make it officially public.

Besides that, I will continue to be active on Facebook as well as here and am completely open to suggestions for fun new ways to engage my fellow volcano-nerds with new challenges, quizzes, projects and so forth.  I will be re-opening comments so that no approval is required and planning future quizzes and challenges accordingly….starting with the year-end VVVc blowout…which I am getting around to telling you about.

Every day until the year is over, I will post a satellite image of a volcano starting low to the ground and ascending until somebody guesses which volcano I am revisiting.  Yes, every volcano will be one I have virtually visited at some time in the past in this blog.  The first clue will hopefully be posted around 4 pm NYC-time (21:00 UTC) with a new clue image being added to that same post every 3 hours until I am found.  The first to find me gets 5 points BUT if I am still not found by the start of the next day’s quest, I get 10 points for eluding  you all.

So, be here in about 13 hours and we’ll start the fun…and I’ll have NO CHEATING!  If I find out any of you have been using seismic tomography, infrasound or MODVOLC to track me down, I will…um….. recite Emily Dickinson poems at you relentlessly.

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