Saturday Weekend Whimsy and an announcement about next week’s VVVc

Sometimes you just can’t help yourself.

Regarding the next Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge, I am going to take the coming week off due to my temporary work schedule, but things should resume normalcy by the following Monday, 14 August.

Finally, while looking for ANYTHING of special interest about this past week’s VVV volcano, Zheltovsky, a YouTube search directed me to the following video.  The descriptive text sounded quite promising.

Kell (Russian: Келля) is a small extinct Holocene stratovolcano. It is located just north of the Zheltovsky volcano, within the Prizrak caldera on the southeast coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia.

…but it appears I was victim of the old bait-and-switch. Still, their online marketing strategy is uniquely bold, because I suspect the cross-over audience between Kamchatka volcano fanbois and suburbanite hip-hop gangsta-wannabes is pretty small.

But hey…frequent references to random gun violence aside, the beat is pretty dope.


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