Virtual Volcano Vacation #130 WINNER! – Zheltovsky

Zheltovsky volcano’s summit crater and prominent lava domes as seen from neighboring Ilyinsky volcano – image via Kamchatsk Scientific Center

The trouble with being a volcanohead is that, as far as I know, volcanohead hunting season lasts almost all year, Also there’s no bag limit, and though our numbers and subtle but wily tactics ensure our survival, all volcanoheads have an innate fear of becoming extinct. Outwitting this Search Party is not easy, but in my defence, I once again ran and hid in a baited field..a volcanoey (even by subduction zone standards) place called the Kamchatka peninsula, at a volcano called Zheltovsky.

Zheltovsky volcano in the southern part of the Kamchatka peninsula most recently produced lava in 1923 – Photo by Oleg Volynets (Institute of Volcanology, Petropavlovsk). – via GVP

Zheltovsky is one of the lesser studied volcanoes of the world. He has a rather typical biography as well. Born in the southern end of the peninsula out of a wide Pleistocene shield volcano’s caldera, he began emerging around 8,000 years ago to become a stratovolcano. Inevitably, his explosive temprament led him to form his own 1.6 km wide summit crater. There are also a number of flank domes and cones on his flanks, mostly on his northwest side.

His broad summit crater would perhaps be more impressive if not for being partially filled by four large extrusive lava domes. Its last explosive eruption in 1923, a VEI 3 event, also produced lava that flowed down the volcano’s southeast flank as well as into the summit crater.

Zheltovsky volcano with the 1901 maar crater of Ilyinsky volcano in the foreground – Photo by Nikolai Smelov, 1996 (courtesy of Vera Ponomareva, Institute of Volcanic Geology and Geochemistry, Petropavlovsk) via GVP

Zheltovsky may have been active again in 1972. Some fumarolic activity and a possible phreatic explosion was reported but this activity remains unconfirmed.

Zheltovsky volcano as seen from the International Space Station – photo by Cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev via

Congratulations to Aficientifico, who once again found me on the first day and piled on lots of Extra Credit points. Also, welcome to the fun, Chris Cookie Cook, who plays via Facebook. I hope to see you again next time. As for next week’s challenge, my temporary work schedule might dictate whether it happens as scheduled, but I should know by Saturday evening how my next week will go. I will include an announcement about VVVc #31 along with some Weekend Whiimsy fun.

Answers to Extra Credit questions:
1:1 – dome
1:2 – plutonic
2:1 – sill
3:1 – Ilyinsky
3:2 – maar










2 thoughts on “Virtual Volcano Vacation #130 WINNER! – Zheltovsky

  1. Note: I was tempted to answer maar, but that name is usually attributed to craters left by hydromagmatic eruptions. When searching I found the term “tuff” that referred to a cone built by the same process. It would be good that you can clarify if this is correct.


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