Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #128 – Postcard #1

3D-rendered satellite image by Google Earth Pro

Well, here I am, in hiding once again.  Yes, it is good to be wanted in the good way, but with you guys, I feel like there’s a price on my head.  even if it’s just 5 volcanonerd points.  In order to keep myself motivated to challenge you all at least a little bit, I have added an extra rules change to get myself a few points if I succeed in outrunning you all for more than three days, but don’t worry. If you never find me, I can’t escape and hide again, right? Check out the NEWER & IMPROVEDER VVVc Rules for details and revisions.

This volcano somewhere near the eastern boundary of the Pacific ocean actually began its long life underwater but grew up to become a landlubber.

Extra Credit (1 point) – What do you call a bit of older rock that gets “carried along for the ride” with the magma when a volcano erupts?

Extra credit (2 points) – Name the body of water seen in this postcard behind the cone.


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