Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #126 – Postcard #1

3D-rendered satellite image by Google Earth Pro

Having not received any negative feedback on VVVc #125’s rules adaptation, I will try that again this week.  For those who missed that challenge, here are the special rules again.

Answers will be by hidden comment as usual. Finding the volcano will be worth 5 points to all players whose final guess is correct, but there will be bonus questions with each clue that will be worth “extra credit” that can also be answered throughout this challenge. 

This young volcano lives north of the Tropic of Cancer among good volcanic company.  He is wide awake these days, but only because he’s still fresh from a 1,000 year siesta.

Extra Credit (1 point)   What year did this volcano wake from his nap?

4 thoughts on “Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #126 – Postcard #1

  1. Hi and hello, think you have hit BEZYMIANNY who gave his debut in 1955. The name means it doesn’t have one; bez=without, ymia=name.


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