Li’l Volcanohead’s Blissfully Igneous Box-O’-Rox Challenge

Though we volcanoheads prefer our rocks in a liquid or exploding state, those conditions are not very favourable to rock-collecting, a hobby I have only recently decided to add to my growing list of hobbies.  I have been lucky enough to have a few friends send me volcanic rocks or ash from a volcano they have visited, but I thought it was high time I expanded my collection with some of the “must-have” specimens of igneous rock. This past weekend at the Tellus Science Museum I found much of what I was looking for in one convenient “starter set” box in their gift shop. It came with a divided plastic tray containing 15 samples, most just a little larger than a penny, a plastic magnifying glass, and a short booklet about geology and how to identify rocks. Also, and luckily for me, it came with a guide telling me which rocks are which.  Though I have no idea where in the world any of the samples originate, it is still nice to be able to examine them firsthand and up-close.

BUT it will be even more fun to see who here can identify the most samples, so here is the challenge.  I will provide the list of rocks that came in the box, but the photos are in random order. See how many you can match up. Every rock you correctly identify is worth 2 points, and I will give a 5 point bonus to whoever identifies the most PLUS an extra five points if anybody can identify all 15 samples correctly.  This challenge will run until the end of July, and you may answer by hidden-comment here or, if you follow the Eldfjallanördást group on Facebook, may answer by private message to me (Spike Page) there. If you make your guesses early and change your mind you can submit new guesses, but only your final guesses will be scored.

Good luck, rock-hounds!


White granite
Pink granite
Snowflake obsidian
Vesicular basalt
Amygdaloidal basalt

THE PHOTOS  (Click on each for a larger view)



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