Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #125 – Postcard #1 & special rules

3D-rendered satellite image by Google Earth Pro

It hardly seems like two and a half years has passed since I first fell headfirst into virtual Vesuvius and got the idea to make these volcano vacations a weekly ritual. Since then, I have been playing hide-and-seek in the world’s volcanoes, perhaps inspired by Carmen Sandiego or perhaps by Waldo/Wally, trying to evade the volcano-savvy virtual Search Party.  Over time, a few of you searchers have gotten quite good at finding me, so I try to keep it challenging, but at the same time, I would love for new people to join the fun, so this week, I’m testing a new twist in the usual rules to try to  make it easier for newcomers but still fun for you experts.  Answers will be by hidden comment as usual. Finding the volcano will be worth 5 points to all players whose final guess is correct, but there will be bonus questions with each clue that will be worth “extra credit” that can also be answered throughout this challenge. 

So…where on Earth am I?   Old craters like this seem to be everywhere, but this particular crater is somewhere in the Americas..and it is by no means the only crater of this volcano. It just seemed the most safe place to land, because this volcano is highly active.

Extra credit (worth 1 point) – What is the body of water in the background called?
Extra credit (worth 2 points) – What is the name of the small crater that would be just beyond the right margin of this image?



2 thoughts on “Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #125 – Postcard #1 & special rules

  1. Soo, let’s see, one thing seems certain: you are on Masaya Volcano, and the lake behind is LAGUNA de MASAYA. But getting the craters sorted is another; if I done my homework right, you’re standing on SAN FERNANDO crater and just to the right should be that inconspicious indentation called SAN JUAN crater. Doesn’t look like one, though.


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