Just for fun! – Volcano mandala colouring challenge!

It seems that colouring books for adults are the newest rage. Thought to relieve stress, grown-ups are once again taking up crayons, coloured pencils or pens and finding their inner child. I’ve seen books of detailed images of flowers or animals, mosaics and patterns, and even one of intricate stained-glass designs incorporating popular swear-words. (No, I don’t own one..yet..dammit.) There are also plenty of mandala patterns available, but me, being me, had a more specific motif in mind.

I found what I wanted on Pinterest, and it led me to SuperColoring.com‘s “Zentangle” section where I found three volcano mandalas. I have resized them to high-resolution and uploaded them here.

But this can be more than fun. This can be a challenge. Download any or all three of these images, colour them, and then either share them to me via Facebook, upload to the image gallery site of your choice and share here in a reply, or email it to me at volcaccino(at)gmail.com.  You can print and colour the old-fashioned way or use your favourite graphics software to do the colouring. I’m giving 3 points per person per image..so that’s 9 potential points for every person who participates.

Here are the images. Be creative, and have fun!

From Supercoloring.com

From Supercoloring.com

From Supercoloring.com

Here are two by me, done in Photoshop. I was saving the third for a rainy day, which tomorrow promises to be.

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