Call to action – Craters of the Moon and others need our help!

The Antiquities Act, which was signed into law by Teddy Roosevelt in 1906 gives a president authority to protect Federal lands as natural monuments. but our dubiously elected POTUS seeks to weaken that act to achieve “energy independence” (i.e. drill, spill and kill). Among the threatened national monuments is Craters of the Moon in Idaho’s Snake River Plain. This area includes three lava flows, lava tubes, and the deepest open rift crack known on Earth. It’s a volcanology field study Disneyland..and now its future is uncertain.

My Craters of the Moon virtual vacation
Craters of the Moon NP page 
How the EO will affect the park
How YOU can help save CotM and other threatened national monuments

So I’m here to say to the POTUS, when you mess with the volcanoes, you’re messin’ with family…and we’ve got friends in low places.

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