Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #118 – Postcard #3

3D-rendered satellite image by Google Earth Pro

This volcano has everything I might want….a good warm caldera with a view of the sea, plenty of privacy except from birds or maybe the occasional passing ship, and he is (still, or at least until recently was) erupting.


4 thoughts on “Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #118 – Postcard #3

      • Hi Glenn and Spike, I think the time for postcard #4 isn’t up yet… some glitch in the “hide comments”? Anyway, not claiming score points then, just wanted to point out this awesome video (posted in March 2017) about your barren-but-hidden-in-greenery friend.


  1. I think I found the glitch. I replied directly to Glenn’s comment instead of from the post-page. This comment will test my theory. Also good to see you again, Granyia.


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