Facebook and photography and ..wait…what? No love for volcanoes?

Those of you who know me on Facebook or follow Eldfjallanördást or Cratersvile LoLcano Observatory there probably can imagine the sorts of images that are ubiquitous in my photo albums. Even I am surprised by the lack of non-volcano-related photos in my online collections or on my computer.

I got a message from Facebook earlier today directing me to this page where I could pick up some expert tips on improving my page’s photography.

Many of your Page fans are likely among the 1.23 billion people who use Facebook every day.1 They’re on Facebook to learn about what’s new, including the latest posts from your Page.
When you use eye-catching images in your boosted posts, you increase your chances of grabbing people’s attention and getting them to engage with your content. We’ve put together 8 easy tips that will help you take good photos that can get noticed.
Seems like a good idea. I mean, of course I’d like a little bit bigger share of those 1.23 million people who have yet to get in touch with their inner volcano-nerds. So I gave their suggestions a try. I hope my efforts pay off. 
Perhaps I will find a way to mix things up and bring you more original non-volcano images for your viewing pleasure, but I have a feeling you didn’t come here to see my lunch or my beagle. Tonight there will be a new Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge as usual. Hopefully my pastrami-and-onion-breath won’t give up my location too quickly.

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