Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #110 – Postcard #3

3D-rendered satellite image by Google Earth Pro

This special postcard compares the volcano’s lakes on two different dates. The lake in the upper right is the greenish lake from last night’s clue as it appeared in 2012. The lake in the bottom left is a third crater lake, and the lower left half of the postcard clue shows how the volcano’s summit appeared in 2005.  The lake can be blue or bluegreen, but often times is brown or red.


One thought on “Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #110 – Postcard #3

  1. KELIMUTU on Flores shows just how unjust things are ordered in this world: My daughter, who is not particularly interested in volcanoes, had the chance to visit this outstanding place abt. 10 years ago, while I probably never will. Not that I begrudge her the treat, not at all, but when I asked her recently about it, she had almost forgotten that she ever had been there. IMAGINE!


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