Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #100 – Postcard #1

3D-rendered satellite image by Google Earth

3D-rendered satellite image by Google Earth

These two short legs have a lot of mileage on them. It is hard to believe we’ve reached two years and almost one hundred volcanoes…though some volcanoes I have re-visited and other times I have been to multiple volcanoes in one week..and then there was that time I went mall-shopping in a volcano…but I digress.  I promise I have found a fun place for us to celebrate our 100th hunt.

This is the highest, but by no means the onlyest peak in this volcanic group. This one is also not the last one to erupt, nor the most famous…but it is where we begin, and no, I did not make that large dent and chip in the crater rim when I crash-landed here. I promise it was that way before.


3 thoughts on “Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #100 – Postcard #1

  1. Congratulations to your 100th and many happy returns, thank you for flying so many kilometers in rain or sunshine just to keep us happy! And also a Merry Christmas to the riddle master and to all the riddlers here!

    Oh, yes… I’ll eat a sweeping brush (as we Germans often have to do when we are wrong) if you are not on Karakunidake of Kirishimayama.


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