A cause to celebrate!

Today (29 October) is the birthday of our current Search Party champion as well as one of my best friends and perhaps THE biggest volcano-maniac on Earth. For this special occasion, I have brought together some of the world’s best volcanoes for a virtual volcano video celebration.

Happy birthday, Jesper!


3 thoughts on “A cause to celebrate!

  1. What a nice thing to do for someone! I nearly cried watching this, even though it wasn’t my birthday present. What is it about volcanoes that touches us inside? Volcanoes are rough, brutal, reckless, deadly enemies of man, what makes us soft towards them? Of course, that’s me living at a distance watching them on screen, but sure I know what they are. And I have a feeling that the people who live with volcanoes love them too… in a way. Happy birthday, Jesper!


    • About volcanoes, one might say what makes them special makes them dangerous. They are deadly, but they also produce fertile soils and give life in return. They, like most things of Nature, can either be unpredictable or mysterious, exploited or respected, stigmatized or studied..feared or embraced.


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