My updated volcano-cams called “VolcanoVision”, and how to go about getting it.

Around a year or so ago I posted one of my first versions of my volcano webcams page to Google Drive, but since then, there have been numerous new cameras come available, as well as some aesthetics updates added to the dropdown menu to make it easier to locate the volcano you want.

Did I mention the spiffy new logo?

volcanovision-logoStill I am looking for a proper place to host the file for free, as I don’t have need enough of FTP storage to justify spending money. For now, it will continue to be available in a folder of my Google Drive which I have made accessible to all who have the link. Feel free to share the link (or even this post) around to like-minded volcano-loving friends.

To get the file, first click this link, which will take you to my Google Drive folder.

getvvhelp1I have (hopefully) set the folder so that anybody on the internet can open it, which I assume means you do not even need to have a Google account. Please let me know if that is not the case.

getvvhelp2Some of those options will likely not be visible in your menu, such as Edit and Rename. Otherwise, you should be able to use the Preview link to get a look at the HTML code. This page may also appear different to those who do not have a Google account.

getvvhelp3I am not sure how this page works on smartphones. Perhaps somebody could get me some screencuts or let me know if there are problems. Also I do not know if smartphones cache temporary files the same, so this procedure may not work the same on your device.

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