Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #82 – Postcard #1


3D-rendered satellite image by Google Earth

This volcanic cone is in the middle of the breached caldera of a dormant stratovolcano.  Also, the view from up here is amazing..but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for that.


2 thoughts on “Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #82 – Postcard #1

  1. Hi Spike, are you by any chance in Tanzania, waiting for the next eruption of MOUNT MERU?

    Please let me know if you also get my replies when I post them as comments, which I find more convenient. Or if you accept my taking part in the challenges at all. I’ll try and solve each one anyway, great way to learn volcanoes! Thank you for doing this!

    Kind regards, Granyia


    • Thanks..and yes, you are correct. In fact you should have been the first-place winner. Turns out the problem may lie with wordpress. I had set it so that reply notifications go to my email, but none have been sent, not even to my spam folder.


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