Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #81 – Postcard #1


3D-rendered satellite image by Google Earth

This is certainly a handsome volcano. He’s tall, steep, appears to be active, and seems to have for the most part a good relationship with his human neighbors. But he does have this one problem.  I suppose he can’t really help it, but sometimes being a basaltic andesite and dacite subduction zone volcano can cause certain socially awkward conditions.

Okay…he has gas..and fairly often lately.  Maybe he needs a Volka-Seltzer.


2 thoughts on “Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #81 – Postcard #1

  1. Yay, found it too, it’s San Christobal, with Casita, Telica and Momo behind it. Took me a while though, as I thought it could only be a big island and not a continental mountain range, it seemed so relatively flat land around it. So I scoured Indonesia first :/ Thank you, I’ve seen a lot of interesting volcanoes on the way!


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