Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #78 – Volcamon Etna – #1


With Pokemon Go being the latest rage, and everybody who’s anybody and anybody who’s everybody out trying to catch them all, I thought I might spruce up this week’s hunt with a little popular appeal…and thus was born Chīsana kazanatama (小さな 火山頭)  also known as the first Volcamon.

This challenge won’t be quite as high-tech augmented-reality as the more famous smartphone app, but as far as we know, no Pokemon has hidden on Mount least not yet.

This quest will work much like my Etna Easter Egg hunt in how you use Google Earth or Google Maps to pinpoint the locations, but there are a few differences.  Each evening I will post a single image made using a “street-view” image captured along of the hiking routs around Etna.  All players who can pinpoint where Kazanatama is standing within 2 meters get a point…but if the sneaky volcanohead isn’t found before the next Volcamon image is posted, then volcanohead has escaped capture, and I get a point.  The Etna egg hunt post includes how to go about finding the geocoordinates of any location in Google Earth or Google Maps…and as with the egg hunt, please send your location guesses to me via private message on Facebook or by hidden comment here on this blog. You may change your guess throughout the day if you need to, but only your last guess before the next Volcamon hunt begins will be counted.  I will be posting a new hunt at midnight each night for the next two weeks to celebrate Jesper’s Etna holiday.

Here is the first one..just a bit late. (apologies for that).

volcamon go 1




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