Great Grimsvotn Getaway – 1st challenge

Great Grimsvotn Getaway

Satellite image by Google Earth

Because it has been suggested by Jesper that it is impossible for me to hide on Grimsvotn and not be found…I have decided to play a game of hide-and-seek on Grimsvotn.  Use the image above to figure out where I am..and place your guess as a pin on my Google Map I’ve set up for this challenge. But you don’t have to pick my exact location. You just need to be within 2 kilometers.  This “bulls-eye” shows how closer guesses can earn you bonus points.

Great Grimsvotn Getaway target

Here is the Google Maps screen-cut including a sample marker. I have set this map so that those with the link >   < can view and edit.  Please play nice and don’t move other people’s pins. 🙂

Great Grimsvotn Getaway gmap

Image courtesy Google Maps

Happy hunting!


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