Random Volcano Fandom challenge #2 – Isanotski

shishaldin isanotski

Shishaldin (left) and Isanotski (right) – Image courtesy of AVO / U.S. Geological Survey – photo by Cyrus Read

Isanotski is a little more fortunate than Rudakov in that he has ended up in a few more photographs. Unfortunately for him, that is because he is the neighbor of one of the most beautifully perfect volcanoes on this planet as well as one of the Aleutian arc’s most active.  To add more insult to injury, it is likely that some if not all of his “uncertain” eruptions might actually have come from Shishaldin.   The Aleuts may have had a perfectly endearing moniker for this eroded old volcano,  but it’s the white-man’s nickname that stuck. Poor “Ragged Jack” needs all the love we can give him. His GVP entry is quoted below.

Rugged pinnacles form the summit of the deeply eroded Isanotski stratovolcano, locally known as Ragged Jack, at the center of an E-W-trending group of three volcanoes on eastern Unimak Island. Four poorly documented historical eruptions were noted in the 18th and 19th centuries. However, Miller et al. (1998) considered that some or all of these eruptions could have been from neighboring Shishaldin volcano and that historical eruptions of Isanotski must be considered unlikely, given the extreme degree of erosional dissection.


3 thoughts on “Random Volcano Fandom challenge #2 – Isanotski

  1. To him, she is beautiful.
    Every day he sends up praise,
    to look on such perfection
    in one he helped to raise.

    To her, he is handsome.
    He has aged so very well!
    With every jagged edge
    Comes a story he can tell.

    She hopes that time will be as kind
    To her as it was to him.
    She’d prefer a life like his,
    Looking proudly over kin
    Than to blow herself to heaven high,
    leaving just a rim.


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  3. Your skills of a poet never cease to amaze me. I feel horrible that this has been waiting for moderation all this time. If you ever feel like one of your comments or posts has gone astray, just let me know so this doesn’t happen again.

    You REALLY brought him to life. Those two could be Pixar’s next movie stars in a Lava sequel.


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