Random Volcano Fandom challenge #1 – Rudakov

While there are volcanoes around the world such as Kilauea, Etna or Fuji who have become celebrities among their peers, there are many more who go about their volcanic lives in obscurity…perhaps underwater or in some remote corner of the Earth..hoping that they might be heard, felt, or even noticed at all. Some do not even have proper names yet.

Over at Global Volcanism Program’s page on Facebook, they have what they call Random Volcano Mondays. If indeed these weekly volcanoes are chosen at random, it certainly helps level the playing-field for the less popular ones, but I aim to take that gesture one step further. I will regularly post a Random Volcano Fandom challenge in which the object is to create something inspired by that particular volcano, whether it is a drawing, poem, short fiction story, recipe, sculpture, internet meme…ANYTHING (so long as it isn’t too naughty) celebrating its uniqueness. All true efforts will be rewarded. Check the Official (for now) RVF challenge rules for more details.

This first RVF challenge volcano was actually the one that inspired this challenge in the first place. Poor Rudakov might one of the least represented subaerial volcanoes on the internet. With no latest activity reports, weekly reports, bullitin reports, eruptive history, synonyms & subfeatures or Smithsonian samples, and only one single satellite photograph, its GVP entry leaves plenty of room for the imagination.

The small isolated cone of Rudakov occupies the Tokotan Isthmus on the Sea of Okhotsk coast of central Urup Island. The 532-m-high basaltic-andesite stratovolcano lies between Petr Shmidt ridge and Krishtofovich Ridge and is capped by a 700-m-wide, funnel-like crater containing a 300-m-wide lake. The age was considered to be late Pleistocene or early Holocene (Gorshkov, 1970).

Clearly, this volcano could use a little extra love and attention.

Below are the entries so far.

This first is a poem by our resident bard, Leslie Gompf.

Squatting peacefully on the bay,
He happily remembers his finest days.
So amazing was he (he likes to say)
His name bestowed on those who play.
Yevgeniy was a footballer, Evginy – ballet!

But yet. …It is for dancing he must pay.
Non-stop Kozachok and relevé –
Best suited for those made of clay!
His legs are frozen, so here he’ll stay.
Squatting peacefully on the bay.

Next up, a drawing by yours-truly to actually double my points on the VVVc scoreboard.

RVF Rudakov

“Pensive Volcano” – Rudakov – Original drawing by Spike Page

This challenge (and all RVF challenges) will remain open indefinitely. You can only earn points once in each challenge, but can enter as many creative works as your Muse will allow.

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