Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #66 – Postcard #6


3D-rendered satellite image by Google Earth

It’s so rare I get to be the one chasing members of the Search Party all over the place that I thought it would be fun to spend a day looking for Jesper.   I kind of know where he is today, but not exactly sure, so I have perched myself up on top of a dome with a view.

And it turns out that this dome has a name. The name can be found at GVP, though their placemarks are sometimes a bit “off” because they round to the nearest second in latitude and longitude. But this is the actual spot…and when you figure out where I am, you will see why I came here first to look for Jesper.

Also, if you just happen to BE Jesper, and want to find me before I find you, that’s okay too. I kind of got lost on the road here and can’t speak a single polite word of Portuguese and sure could use directions.


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