Virtual Volcano Vacation BONUS hunt…still a chance to win!

Yeah..I get it. Most people don’t understand how anybody can think of a volcano as “beloved”, and even those who make their homes on the flanks of volcanoes might have a hard time grasping why it is that volcanoes can make some of us go just a little melty. Thus I understand why we’ve had to wait so long for a sweet musical love story about a lonely anthropomorphized volcano who just wants to love and be loved.

lava pleistocene

This particular volcano lived “a long time ago” and “in the middle of the sea”.  Clearly he was not part of the Ring of Fire, else he might have not been near so lonely and sad.  But in spite of being adorably anthropomorphized and having a superb singing voice, he did a fine job of doing what a volcano does best.  But alas his impressive plinian eruptions went unnoticed and his explosivity went unrequited.

lava plinian

He erupted until his lava ..or magma, if you want to be technical about it, “turned to stone”..and based on the stony ring around his summit, it appears his magma chamber had collapsed forming a caldera and he was sinking below the waves.  (This part gets to me even though I have seen this video dozens of times already.  I advise having a handkerchief ready if this is your first viewing)

lava subsidence

But don’t worry. This story does not end sadly.  Nearby, a submarine volcano was growing, and she is depicted reasonably accurately here with her numerous vents bubbling away extruding new lava and degassing into the seawater around her. It seems to me that she must therefore have more silicic magma, else she would be surrounded by pillow lava. But then again, she also has hair, a phenomenon that should only occur on subaerial volcanoes.

lava submarine

She heard his song and wanted to join him, but in the time-honoured tradition of being-female, she took so long to get ready that she seems to have missed her chance.   I hope you have several handkerchiefs on hand. But I promised you a happy ending, so hang in there.

She finally appeared above the waves in a nicely rendered surtseyan eruption. This is how a new volcanic island is born. Her lava interacted wtih the cold seawater producing explosive steam and ash.

lava surtseyan

Only he was nowhere to be seen, but undaunted by science, she somehow convinced the seafloor to fracture and snatch him from the jaws of extinction.  The heart-shaped rift was a nice touch, but it and what follows make for excellent animation.

lava fracture

The two merge together to become one volcanic complex, and they erupt happily ever after.  I know I have already told you the story, but you need to see it in its full animated glory. It really is the sort of thing that should get viewers, especially young ones, excited about volcanoes.

lava complex

Also, for those of you who still want to pick up points, nobody has yet guessed the names of either of the volcanoes, and yes, they have proper names.  If you know either or both, be the first to comment a correct guess and pick up a few points.

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