Etna Easter Egg hunt 2016

EEEh etna

Get ready, Search Party, because this might be your most challenging hunt yet.  So challenging in fact that I have already told you which volcano to begin searching on.

Etna is a huge volcano with many craters, cones, vents, flows, and other assorted features that can be explored on Google Earth or Google Maps. Your challenge is to try and find as many of my Easter-egg placemarks as possible by matching the topography in my image clues to what you can find using  your Google Earth or Maps.

I have hidden 3 dozen eggs on the volcano. Some locations will be more obvious than others. This challenge will run for 2 weeks and anybody can play.

The 36 egg clues are shown in the three images linked below. Click the thumbnail images to view the full-size high resolution versions of each.

EEEh 1st dozen  EEEh 2nd dozen  EEEh 3rd dozen

To submit your guesses and claim your eggs, provide each egg’s number followed by the latitude and longitude coordinates where you believe it is hidden. To keep it fun for all players, submit your guesses via hidden comment on this blog page or via private message to me on Facebook.

To get latitude and longitude coordinates using Google Earth, see the image below.

EEEh get location

You can also use Google Maps, though it does not include 3D-rendering and the ability to tilt and rotate your view. The image below shows how you can find a locations’s coordinates.

EEEh get location 2

Scoring will be based on closest proximity of guess to my actual egg placemark’s coordinates. Each egg is worth one point, and I might even award bonus points for very precise guesses.

This is my first virtual volcano Easter-egg hunt, but if it is successful and everybody has fun, it will become an annual event..possibly even at a different volcano each year.

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