Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #61 – Postcard #5


3D-rendered satellite image by Google Earth

I’ve been here five days and, although these volcanoes might not appear to be doing much these days, they have this wonderful togetherness and synergy and harmony and are so in tune with their collective volcanic essence and are all one with the earth…..
….except those overgrown cones there in the foreground.  Unlike Big-guy, Little-dude, Southern-hippie, and the Trouble-twins, these cones are not very social. They are off on their own to the west well away from any human-made  smooth asphalt-flows and surrounded by volcano-made jagged lava flows.  A less enlightened volcanohead might have left them a plate of cookies and an invitation to come hang out, but the new-me chooses to respect their hermit lifestyle and  inaccessible domicile.


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