Virtual Volcano Vacation #58 WINNERS! – Kerinci

kerinci volcano

Gunung Kerinci – Photo by Burufly – Original image found at

Dear Gunung Kerinci (a.k.a. Korinci, Kerintji, Koerinci, Koerintji, Korintji, Gunung Gadang, Berapi, or Peak of Indrapura):

I have had a wonderful three days with you, but the Search Party has once again found me…but to expect me to stay a fourth night upon your 3800 m summit in the below-freezing temperatures might have been asking for a bit much..even of a li’l volcanohead like me. Though your tilted crater is 600 m wide and nearly as deep, being the tallest volcano in Indonesia makes your summit an excellent spot to experience the freezing Sumatran winds. I am happy that you permitted me to “drop in”without reservations for a few days, but have great admiration and sympathy for the numerous trekkers who spend between 2 and 3 days scrambling up and down the “strenuous” steep and muddy paths just to enjoy a sunrise at your highest peak.

kerinci summit

One trekker at the rim of Kerinci’s summit crater – Original image found at

Also, your crater lake, while lovely and warm, seems rather small for a volcano of your bigness. Perhaps your frequent phreatic eruptions and regular steaming have kept it depleted? Next time I visit, I will remember not to pack my swim suit and beach blanket.

kerinci lake

The crater lake atop Gunung Kerinci – Original image found at

Finally, I am a bit worried about departure. While I ordinarily like to leave the same way I came… by air…,your eruptive history shows that you have not had an eruption since 2009. You are one of the most active volcanoes in Sumatra and at times erupt VEI 1 or 2 almost yearly. Are you by chance in one of your 10-20 year periods of unvolcanolike good-behaviour?

It is a good thing I packed my hiking boots, because it looks like I will be slipping and sliding my way back down your broad slopes along with Jonet, who found me first, and with George, who found me less than a day later. I know you will be happy to have one less grumbling li’l parasitic cone hanging around, but do not worry. I will still give you five stars for being a unique virtual vacation experience.

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