Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #51 – Postcard #4


“Street view” image courtesy Google Earth

A tale of two volcanoes…

…the one on the left trying to pass himself off as a cool-headed responsible mountain with his glacier-crowned summit..but his lava and pyroclastic flows are not so far in his past that he still does not have a reputation as one of the region’s more active volcanoes.

…and my boy on the right with his 500 m wide summit caldera and irregular slopes perhaps feeling a little nostalgic for the days when his mountainish friend still behaved (or misbehaved) like a proper volcano.  Perhaps he was trying to call his old friend out in 1893 with a VEI 4 eruption…and again but not so loudly the next year..then in 1906 and ’07..again in ’09, ’11, ’17, ’29, ’32, ’45, ’61…and one last time in 1972 before giving his old volcanic comrade the old cold-shoulder and going silent.  What caused him to suddenly stir awake and put forth his  astounding display of uniquely artistic volcanicity  last year is unknown, but he is still waiting for a response.

Of course these two volcanoes are no Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, but then few really are; but I like to believe there is unrequited volcano bromance happening in this picture and that we have not heard the last from either one of them.


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