Virtual Volcano Vacations 2015 – “Year-End Clearance Specials”

It is a fine American tradition for many of us to spend the first week of January scouring the shops for sales and bargains and hoping to find that one amazing thing that somehow got overlooked during the chaos of the holidays.

Well….imagine instead that the shops are volcanoes..and that for some strange reason, you want to find a Li’l Volcanohead.  There are still opportunities to pick up points..but since I have already published last-year’s scoreboard, the points will instead count toward this year’s scoreboard.

Jump back to Virtual Volcano Vacation #50 – 1st postcard

The last volcano of 2015 —- literally..the LAST volcano of 2015…which is surprisingly nowhere near the first volcano of 2016!

Jump back to Virtual Volcano Vacation 49 “Santa Search”

The random volcanoes are not as random as they seem. As a matter of fact, #2 and #4 are part of the same island group. Also, volcanoes 1 and 3 have the same name, even though one is in Colombia and the other in Equatorial New Guinea.  Jesper found one of the six..but there are still plenty of chances to earn points.

Jump to Virtual Volcano Vacation #15 – 1st Postcard #1

Rhyolite and welded tuff and a lava dome …oh my!    Seven postcards means a good heap of points for somebody.

These VVV challenges will keep running until somebody finds each volcano. Good luck to all of you..and happy New Year!


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