Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #49 – “Santa-Search” special edition!

‘Twas the Monday before Christmas at Eldfjallanordast
Not a keystroke could be heard, nor click of a mouse.
The virtual-stockings were hung on the sidebar with care
In hopes that a Google-bot would soon pass by there
The Search Party were all back home in their beds
While visions of cinder cones danced in their heads
And LI’l Volcanohead in lava-boots and asbestos cap
Had dozed off at the desk while looking over a map
When from outside the window there arose such a noise
Volcanohead woke and exclaimed with great joy
“Pigeon Mountain has erupted after millions of years!”
Then ran  to see what was happening out there.
But the sodium street-lamp with its orange glow
Was a poor substitute for a hot lava flow.
What Li’l Volcanohead found there instead
Was a jet-powered sleigh and a note that said
“There is no time to waste. We need your help quick.
It’s been a few weeks since we’ve heard from Saint Nick
Production has halted. Logistics is a fright
The Reindeer Union is threatening to strike
If I were Santa, I would hide too
Which is why we need your Search Party and you.
Satellite recon has tracked him down
But these are strange chimneys he’s hanging around.
Thank Google Earth for pictures of his last locations
And the lads at Etna for this sweet transportation.
Round up your posse. We’re begging you, please
Bring Santa back to the North Pole before Christmas Eve.”
The note was signed “Sincerely, Mrs. S. N. Claus”
The clock was ticking. There was no time for pause.
To wait for the Search Party might lead to disaster
But to leave right now would get Santa found faster.
Volcanohead gave each photo a quick inspection
Then wrote on their backs a few simple directions
And left them there for the Search Party to find
Knowing all too well they would soon follow behind.
With a roar of jet engines in the middle of the night
Li’l Volcanohead vanished from sight.

jet sled

The following six images are six different volcanoes around the world. Be the first to identify all six..and in the correct order..and win 25 points. 2nd person to name all six gets 10 points..and everybody who posts a guess (right or wrong) gets 5 points just for joining the madness.  Have fun..and happy hunting!


Satellite image by Google Earth

#1 – subduction zone – domes – deep sleeper


Satellite image by Google Earth

#2 – pyroclastic cones- rift zone – unrest?


Satellite image by Google Earth

#3 – island – warm – name sounds familiar


Satellite image by Google Earth

#4 – place looks familiar – dormant – shield


Satellite image by Google Earth

#5 – caldera –  soggy caldera – deja vu


Satellite image by Google Earth

#6 – dacite – tall – erupty


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