The Virtual Volcano Vacation Travel Log – Map of my adventure so far (SPOILERS)

Finally I have finished (so far) my Google-Maps log of all the virtual volcano vacations in chronological order.  My original file is on Google Earth, but through the magic of keyhole markup language I am able to easily update and upload the map to Google Maps and share it in glorious 2D.

One minor setback is that my image links did not import to Google Maps as links to my blog posts, so I am editing those in (slowly, but surely), but once that is finished, you will be able to click each volcano stop along the orange path of whimsy (the path begins in the southeast US at “Cratersvile Volcano* Observatory”) and be shown an image of the volcano and (you may have to scroll down below the image to see) a link to the first clue in that particular volcano’s challenge.

OBVIOUSLY if you are new to this blog and are playing along, you will not want to look at the map and spoil all the hide-and-seek fun, but otherwise, feel free to follow in LI’l Volcanohead’s short little steps. I will strive to update the map weekly as new challenges are completed.

Also, soon I will upload the actual KMZ (that’s just a zipped KML file) to my Google Drive so that you Google Earth users can view my adventures in 3D.

HERE is the link to the most current Google Maps VVVc map.

And below  (SPOILER for those of you who might want to play some of the older challenges) is the map as of this blog entry.

Map made using Google Earth and hosted at Google Maps.

Map made using Google Earth and hosted at Google Maps.


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