Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #33 – Postcard #5

Image from Google Earth's "street view"

Image from Google Earth’s “street view”

The Virtual Volcano All-terrain Vehicle has run out of fuel…so here I am still in the same crater as yesterday looking for a filling station (which would be in abundance right next to the abundant coffeehouses if this was an American city instead of a volcanic feature..but I digress, and often)

It isn’t very nice on the eyes nor the nose, and neither am I after five days of wandering. I need a bath..and coffee..and other modern conveniences.   I am beginning to miss my Search Party, and would turn around and go searching for them myself…except that Zola is gifted at hiding in volcanoes too, and Leslie had me running all over Iceland looking for her.

Meanwhile..I’m here..because being a li’l volcanohead is not conducive to successful hitchhiking.


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