Virtual Volcano Vacation #27 WINNER! – Grimsnes

Original image found at

Original image found at

Congratulations Jonet for finding me this week hiding at Grimsnes in Iceland..specifically in a crater (though GVP reports it being a maar) called Kerið.

Grimsnes is an extinct fissure volcano in Iceland’s Western Volcanic Zone. It includes a dozen assorted craters, cones and maars as well as 54 square kilometres of lava fields; and according to tephrochronology last erupted around 3500 BCE.

Kerið is a popular tourist attraction on the sightseeing route known as the Golden Circle. Though it is not the only crater lake in the Western Volcanic Zone, it has the most intact crater. It is composed of red scoria, much like Eldfell, and the newer theory on its origins tells us that it was once a cone volcano that, upon emptying its reserve of magma, collapsed into itself forming the caldera we can see today.

Original image found at

Original image found at

The entirety of the elongated crater measures approximately 170 m by 270 m and is around 55 m deep. One of its interior slopes is less steep than the others and is overgrown with light vegetation, making it possible for visitors to easily walk down into the crater. The lake is shallow..7-14 m deep depending on rainfall, but is primarily caused by groundwater. It gets its deep aquamarine blue hue from minerals in the soil.

The crater may be seen briefly several times in The Sugarcubes’ video for Birthday, but in the case of the video below, actually provides its services as an amphitheatre.

So, Jonet picks up eight more points this week for finding me, and is quickly closing the gap between herself and Leslie “the Bloodhound” Gompf

Be here this coming Monday for a new adventure at a new volcano…and an experimental trial of a different format of VVVc challenge.


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