Musical Interlude…or IntERUPTION?

For those who might be reading who do not know me outside of this blog, I have not stopped making music videos when Bardarbunga stopped erupting. Sure it is a little harder to find a volcano that is doing something interesting, but I am vigilant as always. Colima and El Popo have been reliable players, and Kilauea’s Halema’uma’u had everybody captivated for a few days. Also a new camera has been installed on Stromboli and is always good for a show. But it seemed the most monitored volcano on the planet was being a little introverted of much so that she almost made it all the way through 2014 without a single paroxysm. You know what they say about a watched-pot never boiling,right? Well, over the past few days she’s been making up for lost time and given us something to talk about.  The NSEC … .that would be the New South-East Crater to you folks new to Etna-speak….is still erupting strombolian after almost 36 hours and is not showing any sign of slowing. There is a large lava flow running down the slope toward the southeast. I have screengrabs..LOTS of screengrabs.

Also, I have a nice map of Etna’s craters so you can get a better idea of where this is happening.


One day soon I promise I will do an Etna-for-nOObies post because I too was an Etna-nOObie once and utterly bamboozled by her specialized jargon.

Screenshot (792)

I actually missed the start of this eruption because a friend had sent me running off to see Sakurajima…or more specifically a spider that had built her web across the best Sakurajima cam and was about to have a breakfast of fresh-caught fly. So after that I opened up my Italian Volcanorama page (and I should make that HTML code available for you guys one day soon) to watch the sun come up behind Vesuvius as I often do and there was Etna going at it.  I ran to set up my laptop computer to record screengrabs just hoping I could boot up the old dinosaur before the eruption ended. Funny thing about lava. It usually is not near as impressive when the sun is shining.  But eruptions make for lovely sunsets so I kept right on recording and watching the tremor charts and thinking it was over.


She wasn’t finished..not even close to finished.


This camera on the eastern side of the NSEC has become the catbird seat for some amazing strombolian activity..but wait! There’s MORE!


It seemed to me at this point that incandescent lava was really beginning to accumulate and that the crater might overflow..something I have been missing since Bardarbunga stopped erupting.


Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about! At this point I figured I best go to bed. It was almost midnight and I had barely slept the night before so I stuck around long enough to watch the Etnian sunrise and went to bed, telling my friends on IRC #Bardachat that I’d asked Etna to “not do anything til I get back”….and I slept til noon. Looks like the poor girl was having a rough day. This picture appears to be a landslide caused by the accumulated lava flow from the night before

etna closeup

And then I got a single look at this zoomed-in view of the landslide. Note the odd timestamp.

etna lava

Poor Vulcanessa.  I can relate. I was a reckless teen once and know what it’s like to wake up with a pounding head and surrounded by my own upchuck. I figured she had got it all out of her by now though..but it would be sunset again soon and I kept recording.


Publius Vergilius Maro neglected to mention that this volcano can party like a sorority girl.


The lava is still flowing and I see the sky beginning to lighten to the east. I’m still recording, but managed to pull a selection of files together to make a short “preview” of what might end up being a very long feature. Click through to my YouTube channel to see my more recent timelapses of Stromboli, Colima and Halema’uma’u. Check back soon for more Etna. Also to my regular readers, don’t worry. Your Virtual-Volcano-Vacation clue is coming up shortly.

PS Vesuvius and Moon say g’night.

suvie moon

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