Virtual Volcano Vacation #10 – Postcard #5


Background image is 3D-rendered satellite imagery. Photo credits will be given at the end of this challenge.

Good morning and happy Valentines Day!  (I wonder what Vinny-Volcano will be doing to celebrate)

The more I explore this volcano virtually, the more I want to explore it in reality. That impressive but tall little island in the foreground isn’t represented at all by the 3D-rendering in Google-Earth, but the photos are impressive. That “island” is actually a lava plug or spine that is the surviving remnant of the original volcano that stood on that location about the time the first homo-sapiens were appearing in Africa. Volcanic activity has since moved away toward the present-day mountain in the background.

First one to find me gets seven points.

Also, tomorrow’s update miiiiight be a little later than usual. I have a date. 🙂 (but not with Vinny-Volcano)


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