Today my wonderful, intelligent, charming, witty and handsome but not-yet-a-volcano-nerd spouse is celebrating his 59th birthday, and though he rarely if ever asks me for anything and is declining this year to allow me even to build him a cake, he actually came to me with an almost unsolicited request…and it had to do with volcanoes.

I was just finishing up one of my timelapse volcano videos…. ah heck, easier to show than tell.

So he put in a song request. He is a huge fan of Nordic folk and folk-influenced music and is also (probably to the surprise of nobody who knows him in person) a fan of Loki ….. not the Tom Hiddleston version.. not that there’s anything wrong with that..but the real Loki..the trickster-god. So I put together a volcanic montage featuring this song by Annbjorg Lien.

Happy birthday Pooky. You are older, wiser, and slowly coming round to my way of thinking. 🙂

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