Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge – Postcard #5 (better late than never)


This time I thought it would be fun to view the volcano from the same vantage point as the International Space Station, so I’ve flown up to 268 miles (431 km) to get a look at “the bigger picture”.

Yeah, that’s a lot of volcanoes organized into several little groups..and yet not along plate boundaries like such chains usually are.. “My” volcano is the one in the little red circle.

And did you know that IF you were to somehow build a tower high enough to allow you to stand still on a solid surface at 286 miles above the Earth, and you were to step upon a scale, you would only weigh slightly less than you do right down on the ground where you are now?  Of course you would also not need to worry about holding your breath for long because you would already be cooked or frozen to death unless you had the perspicacity to wear a spacesuit. The only reason people appear to be “floating around” on the ISS is that the vary nature of orbiting a planet is to fall..but toward the horizon instead of straight down.  The ISS “falls” at around 17,150 mph (27,600 km/h) but will (hopefully) never hit the ground.

Finally, since today’s clue came late…and we had a fabulous night on the town by the way…the first correct guess will earn somebody EIGHT points.

AND in the event you are still looking for me Monday evening, I will go ahead and start a new quest from a new volcano, but will keep sending fresh postcard clues form this one as well.


One thought on “Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge – Postcard #5 (better late than never)

  1. Mt Nyiragongo.
    Yay for me ’cause the moment I saw this pic I knew it was in Africa — even if you DO have the south at the top. Why is Lake Victoria black?
    Sure explains why you aren’t hiding / camping out inside the crater so we didn’t get a view of that. 🙂


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