Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #4 – Postcard #4

VVVc 4dHappy New Year!  I’m still here…waiting…like a bird in the wilderness.

I thought about taking a virtual tour of some nearby towns or villages, but no such tours were to be found, so I looked through some local Google-Earth photos instead, as the 3D-rendered image doesn’t do this magnificent volcano justice.
This photo was taken in 2004, around a year before the volcano erupted. Before then, its last confirmed eruption occurred 101 years earlier. Suffice to say this mountain enjoys her long siestas.

To whoever finds me first, 6 points will be awarded, and no points to latecomers. Tomorrow, it’ll be 7 points. This might be a good chance for somebody to narrow our reigning champion’s lead on the overall scoreboard.


2 thoughts on “Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #4 – Postcard #4

  1. Santa Ana. I see what you mean about the pics you posted not doing it justice. The scale of the mountain — the crater is so huge-looking “up close” but is tiny on top of the mountain. Very pretty. … I don’t think I would have found it without the year clue, as searching for crater lakes had way too many wrong answers.


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